Now it’s official: We are the EU market leader!

Economist Prof. Hermann Simon coined the term “Hidden Champions”: Those are companies that are little known beyond their location and industry, but have managed to achieve a top position in their markets through clever strategies. The Chambers of Industry and Commerce in South Westphalia (SIHK) have been working to change this by identifying the world market leaders from this region, since 2013, and publishing them in a brochure. They do so for a simple reason: “No region – in Germany, and certainly not in North-Rhine Westphalia, has such a density of – formerly – hidden champions,” says Andreas Rother, President of Arnsberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Since 2018, Prause Durotec has also been a member of the circle of more than 160 companies that have earned this recognition: “The laminate technology company founded by Paul Joachim Prause in 1974”, SIHK publication “World Market Leaders and Best Industrial Performances from South Westphalia” reads, “developed into the European market leader for leaf springs made of fibre composites over the past 20 years.”

We are very pleased about this recognition and consider it an incentive to continue offering our customers innovative and customised leaf spring solutions.


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