We solve special tasks across industries – and contribute to superior, customised solutions through our know-how in design with S-Ply® fibre composites. Contact us with your specific problem! There are successful examples of customised solutions in weighing technology, railway technology or the automotive industry.

Catch flaps

Special, spring-loaded catch flaps are required in universal weighing machines for fine and coarse feeding in the food and non-food sectors. Our solution made of S-Ply® implements the spring function within the special contour of the catch flaps.

Clutch disc for railway traction drives

A customer from the drive technology sector designed diaphragm clutches with an optionally integrated overload function using S-Ply®, which are installed in railway drives between the electric motor and the gearbox. We supply the specially designed clutch discs made of fibre composite material with their unique properties: They not only transmit enormous torques at high operating speeds, but also effectively eliminate creep and high-frequency currents due to the insulating properties of S-Ply®. The result: very high capacitive resistance with optimum protection of the drive side.

Vehicle construction

Prause Durotec has experience as a supplier for major car manufacturers, for example with over 1.8 million S-Ply® leaf springs that were installed as seat suspension in the first Mercedes CLK model during seven years of production. The automotive industry places high demands on component properties, dimensional accuracy and documentation. Through optimised production processes and modern quality management, we were able to meet all of the customer’s requirements.