Added value through individual finishes: Special finishing stages provide Prause Durotec S-Ply® leaf springs with additional functions or special properties for your application. We will gladly advise you personally on the finishes and their possible combinations.

Product information


Sealing protects the leaf spring from adcerse environmental conditions, thus significantly increasing its service life.
Sealing is available in the following variants:
  • edge sealing
  • edge and surface sealing
The following sealing options are available:
  • standard sealing
  • food-safe sealing

Glass fibre-reinforced polymer GFRP glued on

Glass fibre-reinforced polymer GFRP glued on as reinforcement effectively reduces notching and shear stress when installing leaf springs made of S-Ply®.
The following adhesive options are available:
  • GFRP green, GFRP carbon: with spray adhesive (loss prevention) or with 2-component adhesive (firm and compression-proof connection)
  • GFRP blue: with food-grade adhesives

Copper foil

Springs can be provided with a copper foil to dissipate static charge. The foil can be pressed onto one or both sides during the manufacturing process.

Edge bevels, slotted holes, counterbores, threads

For applications where sharp edges are undesirable, we also supply components with bevelled edges and with rounded corners in the desired radius. Slotted holes, threaded holes and countersinks can also be implemented.

Printing and marking

We are happy to supply components colour-marked or individually printed, for example with item numbers. Inkjet printing.

Special drilling

We provide leaf springs made of S-Ply® with customised drilling: including high-precision fitting holes, auxiliary and guide holes, threaded holes, slotted holes or counterbores.