Dosing technology

Wherever products need to be dispensed particularly gently, vibration technology is an excellent solution. For highly automated feeding systems in combined dosing, weighing and packaging machines to function precisely and reliably, they require spring elements with high fatigue resistance and a steady spring constant: properties such as those offered by S-Ply® leaf springs – even under continuous load, extreme humidity and dust generation. Such feeding systems are driven electromagnetically, pneumatically or by a crank drive with amplitudes that are adapted to the different materials being conveyed.

S-Ply® leaf springs hardly ever change their spring behaviour over the entire temperature range from -40°C to 110°C. With S-Ply® blue leaf springs, Prause Durotec complies with the specific standards of the food industry. The leaf springs made of reinforced composite material are also used as guide and trailing arms in feeding technology. The good damping properties of S-Ply® help to ensure particularly precise feeding.